"I was in an auto accident and came to see Dr. Bellistri.  I was unable to read or do my crossword puzzles for any length of time due to Whiplash.  I am now able to read and do my puzzles.  Try it, even if you are skeptical.  It can't hurt.  Let your body heal itself. . .without drugs!  Hey, you only have one spine.  Take care of it!!"
-Natalie S.

"I play baseball, basketball, video games and I enjoy riding my bike.  Joint pain brought me to Dr. Bellistri.  I was unable to sleep and unable to stretch.  Chiropractic care has minimized my joint pain and relaxed my muscles."
- Zach C.   (11yrs old)

"I was experiencing migraines, achy joints, stomach problems, chronic headaches; I felt tired and achy alot.  I missed work and was not able to do very much within ony day.  Now I have more energy because I feel better.  I have alot less headaches.  My overall health has improved.  Since I have Lupus, I am often tired and have achy joints.  Since I have been seeing Dr. B I am less tired and experience less achy joints.  For others considering chiropractic, I say, 'Just do it and see Dr. B.'   The office looks great."
- Kim C.  (Zach's mom) 

"I would get headaches and I would bave continuous knots build up between my shoulders and the middle of my back.  I used to take many medications because I was in constant pain.  It was really hard to work on and under a car when you can't bend over.  Since I have been coming here I no longer thave any back pain nor do I get headaches.  It truely has made my life easier.  If you have a chance to get checked, go for it.  I had alot of doubts before I came, but now I am completely convinced by my results."
-John F.

"When Dr. Bellistri`s office invited me to come by and get acquainted, I had no problems of which I was aware.  Sure enough, x-rays showed early stages of troubles with my spinal column.  Six months later (now) subsequent x-rays indicate his corrective actions are working.  At 77 years old, I`m interested in all the `preventive maintenance` I can come by!  Besides being a great guy, Dr. Bellistri appears to know what he is doing."
Ben G.

  "I had constant pain in my lower back [and] I started to get used to the pain.  I saw just one other doctor and I never took any drugs for my pain.  [Chiropractic] has helped me alot.  I now know that I don`t have to go on every day dealing with back pain.  I am able to enjoy the sports and activites I love to do.  It has worked wonders on me."
- Rachel G.

"Since I began getting adjustments by Dr. Bellistri I have no more lower back pain from bad posture.  I am continuing to improve.  My adjustments are very helpful.  I love coming to the office; it's very nice, and inviting, and the colors are cool!  Dr. Bellisti answers all  my questions.  He explains the importance of Chiropractic and nutrition."
-Harriet E.

"Chiropractic care has allowed me to pursue activities which had been prohibited because of multiple spinal injuries and degeneration.  [I am] now able to participate in many sporting and social activities not previously capable of performing - family outings like bowling, kayaking, and riding wave-runners.  The treatment is a very modern approach to realign and balance my spine and stop degeneration.  Dr. Bellistri includes advice for nutrition and exercise to aid [spinal correction].
-Steph B.

  “Dr. Bellistri helped me understand what Chiropractors do. I used to take my 4-6 inhalers per day for my asthma. Since I have been getting adjustments I only need my inhaler when I am around cats. I am feeling much better.” 

- Angelique H.  (9 yrs. old)